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"I Think It's Time"
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Born in Los Angeles and raised in Chicago, Olivia Foxglove, aka Olivia Liu, is an American producer and DJ based in Hawaii. Her musical roots date back to the mid 90s in Chicago and San Francisco as a raver back when her main focus and obsession with house and techno music was through dance. This early influence can be heard and felt in her productions and performances, but with her own unique dark, melodic and evocative take.

Always grounded in the slightly harder warehouse beat and deep bass for her inner dancer to be satisfied, her interest lies also in entering trancelike states of psychedelic sound, layers of cinematic sound and storytelling through music, and a knack for bringing the listener on a journey whether it be through one of her DJ sets or with one of her tracks. Her sound has been described as “melodic and melancholic”, “dark and brooding” with a “subtle depth of psychedelic and harmonic layers.”

Olivia’s signature sets are created by weaving her own tracks with tracks from her favorite producers. She has consistently been playing sets that contain half of her own music for quite some time now, even back when she was doing drum and bass in 2013. She typically employs an every other pattern of her tracks interwoven with others. “I could just play my own stuff, but I think I would get quite bored with that. What I really get off on is mixing my own tracks with my favorite tracks from other artists. This is how I can tell if a track of mine is good or not and also how I add my signature sound to the mix. Basically, one of my tracks is always in the mix.”

Her debut tech house EP, 'I Think It’s Time', was released spring of 2017 on V2K-Records Ibiza and gained early feedback from Ritchie Hawtin, Marco Carola and Paco Osuna.


Moving toward the melodic techno side of things in her recent productions, her track ‘Chrysalis’ which gained early support from Joseph Capriati, Nick Muir and Marcus Schultz, made its way on to the ‘Become One @ Warung’ mix compilation compiled by HOSH, label boss of fryhide and co-founder of Diynamic.

“The biggest high for me as a producer is to hear other DJs play my music. For that DJ to be HOSH, and for that track of mine to be played at Warung Club in Brazil, at the height of the mix, right before the Pig & Dan track no less, and having it released on this compilation, well these are pretty much all my fantasy dreams come true all happening at once and it’s a pretty mind-blowing and pivotal moment for me as an artist.”


Since 2017, Olivia has been playing in Ibiza at underground clubs and events and some notable afterparties including an 8-hour set for V2K-Records Ibiza and an afterparty for Maceo Plex. She has been featured on Pure Ibiza Radio, as well as on “Live From Ibiza 2018” where she closed out the year featuring Roland Clark and Jack Eye Jones. She has also played all over the U.S. alongside artists such as Jay Tripwire, Doc Martin, Pezzner and Ardalan to name a few.


Her current focus is in the studio. “I have so much pouring out of me right now. It is my absolute love and obsession to create tracks, and I have 16 more songs that I have completed since ‘Chrysalis’ that I have been using in my DJ sets that I am eager to release as well. And I can’t stop making more, so it’s a balance, but I prioritize the creative process because I know it’s not always flowing out so take advantage of it when the inspiration is there and you have the time.”

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