Olivia Foxglove

New Album
"I Think It's Time"
Out now on V2K Records
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A native of Chicago and the Bay Area, Olivia is a producer and DJ currently based in Maui, Hawaii where she is a fixture in the underground scene. She draws from a wide range of influences in her productions including old school house, techno and drum and bass. After completing a drum and bass album entitled “Time Machine” in 2014, she turned her focus to her tech house productions on which she is currently focused.

Her debut EP entitled, “I Think It’s Time” was released spring 2017 on v2K Records Ibiza. Her tracks and mixes are deep and atmospheric, weaving heavy bass-lines and melodies with intricate drum work. Her tracks have gained worldwide recognition and have been played in clubs, shows, podcasts and radio in Ibiza, Madrid, London, Dublin, Warsaw and Berlin.



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